Adam Goode


Why I became a personal trainer

For as long as I can remember Health and fitness has Been my life’s primary focus…

With a strong athletic background from the age of 5 years old through to my early teens sprint training was my first introduction to organised strength and conditioning.

As I grew older so did my passion for the game of rugby league and being one of three boys have always naturally had a competitive nature.

Playing all junior representative levels with the Cronulla Sharks the game completely ruled my life. It was from the age of 18 and upon the completion of my Cert IV in Fitness that I found a real thirst for knowledge to develop myself into the best athlete I could be and drew a lot of inspiration from my initial trainers and coaches.

A personal training studio in Taren Point being my first role within the fitness industry enabled me the oppurtunity to share my passion for health and fitness, up-skill my nutritional knowledge and work with other goal driven Individuals

Helping people achieve life changing results weather it be fat-loss, fitness, muscle gain or injury management opened a new world of opportunity and a career in an industry that I was so determined to succeed in !

I love seeing people succeed and if I can in any way shape or form assist in a persons health and fitness journey than that gives me great satisfaction

I truely believe that the fitness Industry has completely shaped my life and feel it my duty to now educate and inspire as many individuals as possible !

4 tips to achieve health and fitness goals

  • Have a goal! Make it measureable, make it realistic but at the Same time it should scare you

  • Be a workhorse ! Take pride in doing the things others don’t want to. Don’t Cut corners and never make excuses

  • Train smart not hard ! Sometimes less is actually more. Once you’ve made a realistic plan you’ll see that less is sometimes More and small adjustments you can make to maximize your the productivity of your sessions and your results !

  • Never stop learning ! You can never know enough ! Read, research and saturate yourself in as much nutritional knowledge as you can !