Slim Down Tone Up for Women

Your dream body is yours for the taking...

Rhinos Slim Down and Tone Up for Women Personal Training program helps to speed up the weight loss process and increase lean muscle tone. This program was designed for Ladies who want more than anything to feel more confidence in themselves by achieving their Body Sculpting Goals.

Train with us if you want to see results. Lets get to together to work out your goals. We'll be there every step of the way and promise you will achieve those results with a little hard work and commitment. The Rhino Team will make your training fun and ensure you'll be wanting to come back time and time again.

Rhino Slim Down Program

A personal training program that helps guide you through weight loss and increase muscle tone. Designed for women would want to lose those stubborn kilos and gain confidence.

Here at Rhino we know the importance of setting the achievable goals, training correctly, incorporating resistance training in a safe way, training your body at a high intensity to maximise fat burn and most importantly following a sensible nutrition plan with foods that you like and can see yourself sustaining over a long period of time.

The Rhino team have helped change the lives of hundreds of women helping them achieve life changing results. You want to do things with your life. Small things but ones that make all the difference to the overall quality of life.

Things like
Wearing the clothes we want
Having the confidence to start dating
Play with your kids
Look “Hot” for your husband or boyfriend
Wear a bikini at the beach
Feel more energetic at work

These are just a few of the many challenges that woman face on a day to day basis. But did you know that with as few as 5 lifestyle changes a day, and exercise as little as 2-3 times a week, your dream body is yours for the taking? Take a look at some of our awesome transformations.

Food can be boring, misleading, tempting and sometimes just too time-consuming to deal with. Being an expert in weight loss and nutrition, Rhinos objective is for you to be the weight loss and nutrition expert. Education is the key to success and by teaching you things like eating 5 small meals a day, eating protein source with each meal etc. I ensure that your metabolism gets cracking on the job it is meant to do. Proteins keep you full for a longer time so you don’t end up snacking between meals. It also ensures muscle repair to muscles that are being stretched and strained during your workout and slowly but surely you start getting that lean mean toned look.

Remember we design a tailored food plan with the inputs we get from you and with my know-how I ensure you eat what you like and get the results that you want.

Anyone can run on a treadmill. But it can be boring! A tailored weight training program with constant change will ensure that you are kept on your toes, literally, and you don’t get a chance to get “bored”! The aim is to keep you wanting to come back for more every day and you start getting results also.

A Body Sculpting and weight loss program Journey has its ups and downs but with my support and accountability, I am so confident you will reach your goals, that I guarantee a $100 cash back if, after 30 days you don’t exceed your weight loss and toning goals.

You want that toned, slim body, a glowing complexion, firm muscles, a happy frame of mind and all the energy you could possibly need to do your work and party after, if desired.

If yes, then the “Slim Down and Tone Up for Women” is the weight loss Program you are looking for!

Get some moves going

The first step to starting your body sculpting journey is to book in your free consultation; from there your trainer will complete a full assessment and run you through a personalised Training session.

We cant wait to get started with you to help realise your fitness goals. Get in contact now to link up a consultation.






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